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Single and Fabulous! Thriving in Singlehood
By Lesley Lane

To all you "singleton's" out there, as Bridget Jones would say, it's time to embrace what is your reality; be single AND fabulous!  This has been quite the hot topic lately amongst myself and my other singleton friends and ironically what did I find on the TV last night but "Bridget Jones' Diary."  It was frighteningly perfect that I be watching this movie again at this very moment in my life.  I'll won't bore you with those details but I will share with you some tips as to how to thrive during your season of singlehood.
Whether you are "single again" or what seems like forever single these tips apply.  Regardless of which group you fall into if you are feeling sorry for yourself I want you take a moment and think of that friend who is currently in a relationship and miserable. 
Would you rather be single, have your freedom and the possibility of finding a fabulous, healthy relationship or settle for any relationship just for the sake of having a body there?  I'd hope you answered a resounding, "Hell NO!," to the 'warm body' scenario.  If so, you are already on your way to being single and fabulous.  I have two fabulous tips for you to thrive not just survive this phase of your life.
Be All You Can Be
Yes, it sounds like a superhero cry, and maybe a little cliche.  I recently gained a new level of insight around this which I am excited to share with you.  At the end of the day and the end of this life (your life) it comes down to the fact that you only have yourself.  Yes, you have friends, you have family and hopefully one day a life partner, right?  Whether in a relationship or not, you only have yourself.  I have learned this from doing a lot of dating and especially taking note of the male species and how they live their lives. 
Men think of themselves first, women need to take a lesson here.  That man may love and adore you, would do anything for you, however, he's typically true to what he needs to do for himself first.  I enourage you to establish a practice right now, while single, which you can carry into a relationship where you honor what is good for you and your fabulous vision for your life.  You never know when you might end up single again.  Not to breathe doom and gloom into your life but life, and death, happens-- you never know. Focus on being your best fabulous self everyday.
How does one do this?  Embark on living your fabulous life!  Are you in the career you love, do you have fabulous friends, do you have hobbies you enjoy?  Or, are you waiting to live your life once you find "the one"? Not sure what your dreams are or truly how to create an action plan to achieve them, register for a Fabulous Inventory Session and you'll be on your way!
As you focus on creating your fabulous life you will become not only who you want and are intended to be but who your partner desires to meet.  I know for myself I find the most interesting men I have dated, and people I have met in general, are the ones who are pursuing their passions.  Be one of those people and men will find you fabulous!  You'll be sure to find that special one made just for you!
Love and belief in the fabulous you!

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