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Single and Fabulous, Part 2-Be Grateful!
By Lesley Lane

You are hopefully now embarking on creating a fabulous you in all areas of your life, realizing that you owe this to yourself first and foremost but also to your future partner.  I have another tip for you to help you embrace your fabulous self during your season of singlehood.
Have an Attitude of Gratitude and Positive Expectation
Enjoy every moment of your current existence.  Enjoy the fact that you can wake up on a Saturday and do exactly what you want all day long without having to think of anyone else. 
Enjoy the fact that you can take yourself to lunch wherever you want to go.  You can decorate your place as you please....no one's masculinity will be threatened by your pink animal print bedding!  Ok, future boyfriends might be a bit scared but you at least have the excuse that you are single (trust me, I have done that one).   
Be grateful for the experience of dating and getting to know different types of people. Can it get old and tiring? Yes!  However, it's how you will hone your skills and define what you want and when that man shows up you will know!  Halleluiah!  And, again, remind yourself of that friend(s) who is miserable in her relationship; no body is better than ANY body!
Be grateful, also be ready and expect that person to be headed into your life.  When you hear that voice inside your head saying..."ah, home alone again on a Saturday night", counter it immediately with the thought, "but it's one of the last times, I know my future boyfriend is out there and on his way!"  Be open in any situation to meet that potential person.  Now, that doesn't mean you are on the hunt, you just internally hold the attitude that you are open to meeting someone and you are ready for it to happen.  Along with that, don't be afraid to smile at men and be friendly by saying hi when you make eye contact.  There is possability all around you...grocery store, bagel shop, the gym, anywhere, but you have to expect to receive it and open yourself to it.
Attitude is everything, as you focus on creating your fabulous life you will naturally have an increased positive outlook which will only lend itself to attracting that fabulous man you deserve and whom I know is out there for you.
Love and belief in the fabulous you!

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