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Wax On, Wax Off--Waxing at home is Fabulous
By Lesley Lane


First of all, waxing in general is fabulous.  How wonderful to be hair-free for weeks with no razor burn!  And, guess what you can do it yourself which is fabulous because it saves money!  

This is recommended for those who have been going to a professional for a while.
1. Because you have watched the technique
2. Waxing thins your hair and you have less of it over time so waxing yourself can be less treacherous.

My wax of choice is a "cold" wax, sometimes called a hard wax. This is a wax which you heat, apply to the desired area, it cools and you removed the hair by pulling on the edge of the wax itself. No muslin strips to deal with. I have tired that type, even the kind of wax that's all sugar or honey or something which is supposedly less harsh. I thought I was going to die trying to rip that gooey concoction from my skin. I did eventually get it off but at the cost of losing some skin and bleeding. I have never had that problem with cold wax.

My favorite brand is Surgi-Wax. I have found it at Ulta Beauty stores, Fred Meyer (in the Northwest), CVS Pharmacies and the occasional Bartell Drug Store. Follow the instructions which come with it. It may take a try or two to determine the perfect heating time and removal technique which works for you.

I do still recommend going to a professional aesthetician once or twice a hear to keep those hard to reach places looking good. Plus although it's fabulous to take care of one's own personal care and save money there are times when it's fabulous to be pampered and pay the professional to do so.

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