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This Too Shall Pass
By Lesley Lane

You have certainly heard the old adage,"this too shall pass."  It's often recited when times are tough as encouragement for getting through to the other side.  Well, the fact of the matter is that it's true and you must realize it applies to not just the tough times but the great times as well.
Do I sound like a downer in that statement?  Bear with me.  The point is to understand that you only have THIS moment, the one right in front of you.  If it's a beautiful moment then savor it, enjoy it for all it's worth because it will pass.  The next moment may be even better, or only half as good, you just don't know so enjoy the now.  By embracing the "highs" you will also create a foundation from which to draw when the times may be low.  You will be able to tap into your memory banks of the beautiful times to get you through the tougher one.
The same applies to the tough moments.  If you are experiencing heartache, financial challenges, stress of any kind, know it's only a moment.  And, look around you to see what you can savor.  There is always something beautiful to behold.  It may not be within the circumstance, it may be the fresh flowers on your dining table.  It may be the laughter of the children playing outdoors.  Look outside yourself to find a bit of beauty in the moment if the moment is not so beautiful.
The question should be then, am I living the life I have always dreamed?  Am I on my way whether the moment is a good one or a bad one?  Do I have the reserves from which to draw to get me through this? Am I enjoying all that I can right now?  Need help, feel at a loss?  Perhaps a one-on-one fabulous inventory session is what you need to help create that roadmap to get you to the other side.  The side where you are living your dream life.

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