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Love Your Life Now
By Lesley Lane

It is human nature to want more.  More on all levels--we want to be more educated, have more money, more time off, more friends, whatever it may be.  Your personal drive towards achieving more will differ from your neighbor but the fact is it exists. 
Are you lamenting your singlehood, that you are a poor college student, or that you are unemployed? Are you annoyed with your toddler's terrible-two's?  Just name whatever your major frustration is about your life currently.  Now take a look at your situation and understand that this is a season. It is not forever. 
That said, what can you enjoy about this season?  Just as applied to nature, you may not love the cold windy days of January, but you love that you get to ski every weekend.  So, you may not love that you don't have a partner to go to dinner with or snuggle next to in bed. But, you also have complete freedom of your schedule.  One day when you do have that partner you will fondly remember the alone-time you enjoyed when single.  Or those fun girls (or guys) nights out.  Also, believe it or not there are people out there envious of you being single.  No situation is perfect, just enjoy it for what it is.
Frustrated with college exams and having little or no money.  Embrace the simplicity of your life and also appreciate that you are getting an education.  Many would gladly trade places with you and one day you'll look back and realized the lessons learned during this season which help you in the new season.
Still not satisfied?  Then ask yourself what you are doing to change your situation.  It is in your control. You cannot sit around every night praying for a love and expeciting him or her to knock on your door.  Not happy with your job, what are you doing to change it?  Perhaps it's time to take an inventory, evaluate your satisfaction in certain areas of your life and begin moving toward that fabulous life you long for.  Perhaps the fabulous inventory session could help you. Check it out.  In the mean time make a list of all that you are thankful for and celebrate this season you are in.

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