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Meeting Fabulous People, Anytime, Anywhere
By Lesley Lane

Another lonely night at home? Tired of your current friends, feeling they don't quite fit you any longer? Looking for certain professional contacts to help you grow your business or move your career forward?  Just not sure how to do it, or what you have been doing isn't getting the results.  You really can become a pro at meeting people.  It comes down to 3 things: 1. being open-minded and expecting it, 2. being ok with going out alone at times and 3. be willing to open your mouth.
Your mindset is key.  You must adopt a frame of mind which tells yourself and the world around you that you are open and ready to meet fabulous people.  This can be anywhere.  As you leave the house for the grocery store, post office, wherever think and/or say to yourself, "I can't wait to see what great people I will meet today."  Have an attitude of expectancy and wonder.  Wondering where it will happen, who it will be and what it could lead to.
Secondly, you must be ok with going out alone at times.  Go to the coffee shop, a local restaurant (sit at the bar), a party, charity event et cetera.  It's not the end of the world, it does not mean you have no friends and you won't die from going out alone. In fact sometimes it gives you more freedom to engage with people you might not have if with a friend or partner.  Don't hold yourself back because you have no one to go out with.
Finally, be willing to open your mouth.  If this scares you to death begin with making eye contact wherever you go.  Practice noticing people.  Don't forget to smile at the same time when you do make eye contact. It does not have to be a big toothy grin, but a slight up turn of your mouth speaks volumes.  It makes you approachable.  Practice talking with people.  If this scares you start with having more of a conversation with the people who HAVE to talk to you--the bank teller, the cashier at the grocery store.  You don't need to tell them your life story but say, "Hi, how's your day?"  You'll be surprised at how easy it is and that people will open up.  Now take it to the next level, sit down next to someone at the bar and say..."Hi."  If you get a good vibe back, casually ask something like..."Are you having a good day?"  "Have you been here before, what's good?  I am new here."
All of this may come naturally to you but you just need to get out and do it or apply a different intention when you do.  If it's not natural, practice, practice, practice and you will find yourself feeling more and more comfortable doing so and also meeting new fabulous people.

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