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The World Belongs to the Fabulous. Got what it takes??
By Lesley Lane

Recall the definition of fabulous:  describing something of an incredible, astonishing, wonderful or marvelous nature.  Think about that for a minute, apply it to a person.  Doesn't it just make sense that someone who is incredible, astonishig and of a wonderful or marvelous nature would have the world at their finger tips?  Yeaaaah, of course!!
Do you want to be fabulous?  Do you want people to look at you and think, "Wow, she is incredible! She is astonishing and marvelous! She's got it ALL together!"  Well first of all, yes, you can become fabulous.  There are a few rules though.  To start, you must accept that your version of fabulous will not look like anyone else's.  You got it.  Just because you think your sister Sue has it all goin' on and truly is fabulous does not mean that will be what has people say YOU are fabulous.  You got it, that means just because you cut and color your hair like her, wear the same perfume, attempt to walk and talk the same way does not guarantee you the fabulous stamp of approval.  You see, what really makes sister Sue fabulous is that she is true to her on inner Fab-YOU-lousness.  This is what you must cultivate in yourself.
Secondly, you must accept that in most cases becoming fabulous involves some hard work.  It's not just an overnight thing.  You just see that bright shiny finish which sister Sue shows to the world.  You don't know what obstacles she's had to overcome or dragons she's had to slay to let her Fab-YOU-lous self shine to the world.  So, if you are up for the journey to finding your own fabulous self you must accept it may be ugly at times.  Are you a little scared?  Well, you should be, not everyone has what it takes to be or become fabulous.
It takes someone with a few key qualities....
1.  a sincere desire to be the best SHE can be (without comparing to others).
2.  a willingness to do the hard work of looking at her inner demons.
3.  once she's identified those inner demons she must have the courage and determination to conquer the inner demons no matter how hard or how long it takes.
4.  an understanding that becoming fabulous is not just a destination, it is a journey.  Understand there is always fine tuning to be done.
5.  the ability and willingness to embrace change and step out of her comfort zone time and time again.  Discomfort will become familiar to you.
Give it some thought.  Are you up to the task? Chances are there is something deep within you telling you that you are meant for more.  You are meant to be fabulous.  Why would you ever let anything stand in your way of fulfilling all that you have ever desired or dreamed for your life!?  It is never too late.  Perhaps you should start right now.  Decide to take a fabulous inventory of your life and embark on the most fabulous journey you could ever imagine.

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