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Love Notes from Your Fairy Godmother: The Story Behind the Notes
By Lesley Lane

I have come to find that my journey as a woman is really no different than others in many ways, I have certainly struggled with body issues, eating disorders, low self esteem, bad relationships and the like.   I have always differed though in believing that these experiences all have happened for a reason and that reason is certainly to help others.  I do have a dogged determination to live the life of my dreams and not settle for anything less than fabulous.  I could not stand anything less than having  passion for my work and feeling it had a purpose.  Even as a teenager if I did not love what I was doing I would change jobs--life's too short was my theory, even then.  Yeah, it seems everyone is talking about this these days--finding your passion, but it was true, I was the queen of self help books, coaching and pursuing personal development and greater awareness particularly in my late twenties onward. 
This pursuit of my "dream life" would just not leave me alone and isolated me from others in many cases when all I really wanted was to be loved, adored and to feel great about myself and my life. On the outside everyone saw this confident, attractive, charismatic woman who played well with others, but to me there was a lot of pain and struggle going on as I was trying to find my way in the world. Even though I love and adore people and could make a friend on a street corner in a foreign city (and have) I found that even though I could get along fabulously I felt different, which led to a burning desire to question the things that most people seem to take for granted.  A desire to find my purpose and passion and how I fit in here on this earth, knowing that I was designed for more than I'd been achieving and also to truly make a difference.  In my search I so often came up against things that really just did not work for me and they seemed to be thing (jobs, behaviours, habits) that seemed so "normal" to everyone else.  So, if they didn't work for me, what in the heck did!?
Along this journey of self discovery I identified that I really was not designed to "fit in" in the normal sense of the word which was a realization that was quite empowering yet challenging to live with at the same time.  I felt tormented and like it was a curse of sorts that I had all these different talents and gifts but it seemed that no one got it.  Well, that was when I was attempting to re-enter the corporate work world and of course they didn't get it but everyone else I met certainly did.  I found myself encouraging all kinds of people through sharing my experiences and wisdom about my various areas of expertise.  Maybe it was "ok" afterall I began to accept.  Maybe I was okay just as I am.  Ahh, yes, in fact I am fabulous. 
This is just a bit of the behind the scenes story as to how this entire Only Fabulous Living work and world came about for me, but the Love Notes were a moment of inspiration in the middle of one summer night at approximately 3 a.m.  I had been spending a lot of time on my business, refining it's focus, coming up with more product offerings for the future.   I keep an idea journal for my business and pulled it out and began sketching a layout for one of my newsletters.  Then I wrote the words, "What do women want?" on the page and began writing.  In a nutshell I came up with the fact that women want connection, self expression (to be heard), to be valued and appeciated and to feel beautiful, sexy and gorgeous.  From those few words sprung forth pages and pages of what I believe to be Divinely  Inspired fun, sassy notes.  I realized that these were the types of things I wanted to hear myself and which I have shared with women of all ages in many different settings over the years.  I personally receive a few daily emails for motivation and inspiration but none of them are truly devoted to me as a woman, encouraging me to believe in myself, my dreams while also reminding me that I am gorgeous and that, yes I do look hot in my stilettos, all at the same time.
There was  time a few years ago when I hand wrote postcards to myself and would carry them with me to randomly drop in the mail here and there as a form of self encouragement.  I tell you, I need it and require it, so why wouldn't someone else?  I know women also want to have fun and like to be playful and laugh which is what I love about the notes, they make me smile in many ways.  Since I do believe the Love Notes were of Divine Inspiration the concept of the Fairy Godmother came to mind which really resonated with me. 
So, now just like Cinderella you can have your own Fairy Godmother....who knows, maybe she'll even deliver the encouragement or a hot tip that leads you to your own Prince Charming!  No promises there, but I know you'll feel inspired, encouraged and sometimes educated with the notes. Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo!

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