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Hello Fabulous Darling!  I am thrilled that I have been asked to share a little about myself.  You get my notes so you already gather than I am not your ordinary Fairy, nor am I your ordinary Godmother.  I am somewhere in between Tinkerbell and Cinderella's rotund, but jolly GM.  I am at the prime of my life and quite frankly I do believe I am only getting better with age.  I am sexy, sassy and like I said not your average FGM.  If I was, then there would be no way I would be contributing here at OFL because OFL is about really bringing that sexy, sassy, fully feminine side to all you do in life, being confident to totally express who you are.  That's what makes it SO great.
I am very excited to be having a pic posted of me very soon.  I want it to be just right though so you and I both will have to have a little patience.  Thanks for checking me out, baby!  Stop back soon and be sure to tell all your fab friends to sign up for my love notes.  You know I am just too fun and fabulous not to share with your favorite fabulous women!
Fairy Godmother
HOMETOWN:    Heaven, Cloud 9
HEIGHT:      Tall enough and even taller when I break out the stilettos, baby!
WEIGHT:     Just right, so that I look hot in my sexy Godmother costume!
ZODIAC SIGN:   I am one with all, baby!
HOBBIES:     Granting wishes, brightening peoples' day, magic wand tricks, dancing to anything with a great beat!
FAVORITE MAKEUP ITEM:   SO hard to pick just one---how about one for each area of the face...Mascara for the eyes, bronzer for the cheeks/face and lip gloss for the lips.
ATTITUDE:     FABULOUS!! (of course)
DISLIKES:    Crabby people...be kind to one another, come on now!
HOPE FOR THE FUTURE:   That all women I encounter learn to love themselves and strive to be the best version possible of who they were created to be.
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